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04/02/17 - Hanging out with Steve, Megan, and the crew!

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id: 49014
Steve is eating the culinary equivalent of the Aggro Crag
id: 49015
Megan and Matt aren't sure what to make of it
id: 49016
Neither is Tom
id: 49017
Don't touch the stone part!
id: 49018
This should be Phil's new LinkedIn photo
id: 49019
Megan thinks fun things are fun
id: 49020
Steve's got a new hat
id: 49021
Phil is in hammock mode even without a hammock
id: 49022
I think Matt chose this photo just to give photo compression algorithms a workout
id: 49023
Hi Megan!
id: 49024
Tom and Tamara are hiding in the corner
id: 49025
I need a haircut
id: 49026
Surprise! I found you!
id: 49027
Phil is a beautiful unicorn
id: 49028
"What'll ya have?"
id: 49029
Matt seems really skeptical of.. something
id: 49030
Nerf basketball! I love Phil's face in the background
id: 49031
Bartender Steve
id: 49032
Phil will miss this shot
id: 49033
Always use a coaster
id: 49034
Nice lighting
id: 49035
Busted old building
id: 49036
We're going to get wings and shop at a weird place!
id: 49037
id: 49038
Cool old theater sign
id: 49039
Let's buy some weird stuff
id: 49040
Thug life
id: 49041
Look at this tiny.. thing
id: 49042
id: 49043
Megan considers a fuzzy purchase
id: 49044
This is what I need in my life
id: 49045
More complicated board games!
id: 49046
There are so many rules
id: 49047
Let's just drink instead
id: 49048
Those funny little Buffalo pepperonis!
id: 49049
Atticus will make sure we follow the complicated rules
id: 49050
Hey I know those cooling towers!
id: 49051
It's Three Mile Island!
id: 49052
I can even see the field where I took my photos in 2008.
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