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04/30/17 - Daily slice of life photos for April 2017

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id: 48998
Neil is deep on thought
id: 48999
Susan gave me her personal Aqua patch! It's a super awesome gift and I plan on keeping this on display for many years to come
id: 49000
Neil knows how to relax. Even if I keep using him as target practice for my camera flash
id: 49001
Buzz doesn't care
id: 49002
The crappy mall with the good pizza place
id: 49003
Look who came to listen to my lunch presentation about my podcast!
id: 49004
Geoff is into it
id: 49005
Snazzy Terra patch!
id: 49006
Double rainbow!
id: 49007
Omar braves the sunshower
id: 49008
It's very confusing weather
id: 49009
That rainbow is actually in front of the house at the end of the street! Omar's gonna get it!
id: 49010
We had some pretty decent hail. Thankfully there were no dents in my car afterwards
id: 49011
The cats love to lump around near me
id: 49012
Scratch that itch, Buzz!
id: 49013
Listening to a presentation by the head of Goddard, Chris Scolese
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