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05/02/17 - One last batch of JWST photos. I hope you like selfies

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id: 49053
Laying down on the job!
id: 49054
Final preparations are being made for JWST to leave Goddard forever
id: 49055
Of course, I got yet another photo of myself with the telescope
id: 49056
Hey look what I found!
id: 49057
Is this what they moved DSCOVR in?
id: 49058
Goddard deer!
id: 49059
I stole Joe's idea for this photo
id: 49060
JWST's rear is pretty interesting too
id: 49061
The telescope is so big!
id: 49062
I finally got my JWST selfie!!
id: 49063
id: 49064
It's cool seeing the back of the mirrors
id: 49065
One can never have enough photos with JWST
id: 49066
Hey, get back to work!
id: 49067
Moving heavy objects
id: 49068
You can see the secondary mirror at the top
id: 49069
It's actually pretty tough to fit the whole thing in the camera frame
id: 49070
I call this "the nub" but that's probably a way more NASA term for it
id: 49071
NASA does cool things
id: 49072
JWST detail in focus, and me in the reflection
id: 49073
It's sometimes tough to convey scale in these photos. By using a telephoto lens and backing way up, photographic compression makes it easier to see
id: 49074
This is a HUGE telescope
id: 49075
This is a very popular room
id: 49076
Shiny details
id: 49077
JWST was slowly rotating and I was thrilled when it stopped in this position. Perfect for a nicely framed photo!
id: 49078
Side wing
id: 49079
Due to my distance from the telescope and the curvature of the mirror, this makes the segments look smaller than they are
id: 49080
Slowly tilting it back down
id: 49081
So much cool looking hardware
id: 49082
A peek at the secondary mirror
id: 49083
Still slowly tilting down
id: 49084
I just liked how this reflection looked
id: 49085
It's sort of hard to see, but that big white thing is the container that JWST will take to Houston
id: 49086
Let's try that shot one more time
id: 49087
Is that what it gose in?
id: 49088
JWST is gone!!
id: 49089
Well, it was fun while it lasted
id: 49090
I found it behind the SSDIF, but it shipped out not long after
id: 49091
Coincidentally, the King of Sweden was coming to visit a few days later, so they had some stuff up about Sweden's involvement with NASA
id: 49092
Not every day you see a Swedish flag sitting around Building 29
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