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05/04/17 - WeddingCon - Vic and Amanda are getting married! Let's set up the wedding!

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id: 49100
Officiant Jeff knew how to spin a good yarn.
id: 49101
Also, Vic's brother bought way too much White Castle
id: 49102
Let's practice!
id: 49103
This is Vic's "I will love you forever" face
id: 49104
This is Amanda's "I already have to do this at Otakon and now at my own wedding?" face
id: 49105
Topaz and Amanda move the magical arch into position
id: 49106
"And another thing about weddings.."
id: 49107
Amanda's mom is here! What's in the bag??
id: 49108
The arch's magic has not yet been activated. Jeff will do that.
id: 49109
Weddings are fun
id: 49110
Vic taps the tarp with his magic wand
id: 49111
Joy is here and she brought 40 pizzas! Or chairs. Probably chairs.
id: 49112
These tables were way heavier than they looked
id: 49113
Stop giving me that look!
id: 49114
Jeff drove up from South Carolina to join these two goobers in holy matrimony
id: 49115
"Good podium. Stay."
id: 49116
That's one big pizza, Joy
id: 49117
It looks like Topaz's gut is hanging out, but it's just a weird shadow
id: 49118
"The sun is going to be there!"
id: 49119
The arch is getting progressively more magical
id: 49120
I approve of this cutain
id: 49121
Amanda thinks about space
id: 49122
Flowers are pretty rare in space
id: 49123
Vic curses the sun a good one
id: 49124
It's a little Death Star!
id: 49125
Taping the tarp. Or tarping the tape?
id: 49126
Topaz is the hand of god
id: 49127
Assemble the lanterns!
id: 49128
Vic's brother Michael has been flying too many drones. He's become an R2-style robot!
id: 49129
We herded the lanterns so they wouldn't escape
id: 49130
How do remote control lanterns work?
id: 49131
These are Topaz's everyday flowers
id: 49132
This are going pretty well
id: 49133
Fancy lights!
id: 49134
Topaz is crushed under the weight of a billion pounds of popcorn
id: 49135
Dean doesn't know much about weddings. Other then the one he got at his house and his Mom put a couple games on it..
id: 49136
This couch needs to move so we can put cake there
id: 49137
Sam is faster than my camera
id: 49138
The cats will be alarmed to learn that their skyscraper can move
id: 49139
Dean is suspicious of cameras
id: 49140
But loves walls
id: 49141
Michael has already joined the Brotherhood of the AMV Server but I've never gotten a photo of it before!
id: 49142
Aww, it's beautiful!
id: 49143
Running ethernet cable through the window. Like y'do
id: 49144
Equalizer settings! Otakon 2015, Otakon 2016, Wedding..
id: 49145
It's so intensely weird to see the server outside
id: 49146
We legitimately ran sound calibration like it was Otakon. We blasted the neighborhood with pink noise
id: 49147
If you couldn't tell this was Vic and Amanda's wedding from just this photo then you don't know them
id: 49148
Topaz will be on server duty tomorrow, so he gets a refresher on running the music
id: 49149
I reject this pun
id: 49150
There's a moth!!
id: 49151
Moth captured and released into the wild.
id: 49152
Topaz inspects the laserdisc collection
id: 49153
"What IS this??"
id: 49154
Vic's halo
id: 49155
"This laserdisc is gigantic!", says Topaz
id: 49156
Dean is easy to distract
id: 49157
He put all his skill points into looks, not brains
id: 49158
Sam put his into paranoia
id: 49159
This is how Topaz makes punch
id: 49160
That's a lot of booze
id: 49161
That's a lot of blooze
id: 49162
"I put the rice krispie treats out, Vic"
id: 49163
Time to hang the lanterns
id: 49164
Hey I know those people
id: 49165
Vic will never guess which dial I licked
id: 49166
Like an idiot, I asked Vic if he had this custom made. Guess I should have read it first
id: 49167
Best photo of the batch, right here. Clean, Vic, clean!
id: 49168
The cake survived the car ride
id: 49169
But would not survive the guests.
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