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05/05/17 - WeddingCon - Vic and Amanda are married! Let's pack up, opening some presents, and get breakfast

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id: 49309
Time to pack up the chairs
id: 49310
Too bad Vic didn't buy them. We could use them at Otakon
id: 49311
Topaz knows how to coil cables properly
id: 49312
Steph drew.. Brett?
id: 49313
Hi everyone!
id: 49314
Omar is sleepy
id: 49315
What's over there?
id: 49316
Oh man. So much leftover food
id: 49317
Boba Catt
id: 49318
Vic's ready for May Christmas
id: 49319
It's a mixer!
id: 49320
It's a bunch of Star Wars mugs!
id: 49321
id: 49322
Amanda writes down all the stuff
id: 49323
Vic like
id: 49324
Sam's not sure about all this paper
id: 49325
Vic really like
id: 49326
Breakfast time
id: 49327
With the power vested in him, Jeff pronounces it time for pancakes
id: 49328
Steph's so far away!
id: 49329
Fig is learning the hazards of sitting right across from me
id: 49330
Topaz knows the hazards well
id: 49331
Amanda need coffee
id: 49332
These two goobers got along way too well
id: 49333
Action Vic?
id: 49334
Fig inspects the scrapple..
id: 49335
No don't do it!
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