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05/09/17 - I attend the Humans to Mars summit and meet Buzz Aldrin!

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id: 49336
Chris Carberry from ExploreMars introduces the conference
id: 49337
I tweeted to get on the live-updating TV. Eventually they had to start hand picking tweets since some trolls figured out the hashtag
id: 49338
Artemis is a cool name
id: 49339
Hey that's my boss!
id: 49340
Bill Gerstenmaier! He's in charge of all of human spaceflight
id: 49341
Hi, Gerst
id: 49342
Our host for the panel
id: 49343
I obviously sat in the front row
id: 49344
Talking about international space efforts
id: 49345
My seat is the one with the hoodie on it. Shortly after I took this photo Buzz Aldrin sat down in the seat to my left. Earlier he sat where the guy in the black jacket is sitting
id: 49346
Turns out you need a lot of companies to get to Mars
id: 49347
It's time for Dr. Aldrin himself!
id: 49348
Buzz shows off his famous shirt
id: 49349
That's a pretty cool nametag
id: 49350
Buzz Aldrin gets into his speech
id: 49351
He's a pretty short guy. All the early astronauts were but he's also in his 80s now so he's shrinking a bit
id: 49352
He knows how to hold the attention of a room
id: 49353
Hi Buzz. Would you like to come meet my cat named Buzz?
id: 49354
Dr. Aldrin was here to talk about his Mars Cycler concept. A somewhat elaborate plan for human Marsm issions
id: 49355
Look out! Buzz Aldrin is coming to get you!
id: 49356
Buzz Aldrin's speech was a little nuts, but it was hard to not be in awe just listening to him
id: 49357
I wasn't able to get a photo with him, but I sat next to him for hours and shook his hand. I'll take it!
id: 49358
Staging on Phobos, eh?
id: 49359
Nice paracord
id: 49360
Buzz has a lot of wrist and finger decorations
id: 49361
He kept pointing at us
id: 49362
Oh Buzz. What have you done?
id: 49363
Oh no. Oh Buzz.
id: 49364
Just to cap it off, let's see that shirt again
id: 49365
A bunch of companies talked about their Mars plans. I won't burn any bridges, but some were essentially "What's a Mars?" SpaceX was pretty cool though
id: 49366
Buzz got up to ask a question after he was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME
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