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05/15/17 - Back in Melrose for Mother's day and Mom's birthday!

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id: 49367
Starting off with a rainy day in Maryland
id: 49368
The purple house has a pink car now!!
id: 49369
Aunt Teresa loves my photos
id: 49370
Inspecting some historical litter
id: 49371
"What is President van Buren doing here?
id: 49372
id: 49373
Becky loves my closeup photos
id: 49374
Happy Becky!
id: 49375
"OK, you can put the camera away now"
id: 49376
id: 49377
Mom gets a nice little cupcake!
id: 49378
Secretly she's on a no-carb diet. Such temptation!
id: 49379
"Can I blow it out?"
id: 49380
Little cupcake!
id: 49381
Time to read cards
id: 49382
Mom loves a good card
id: 49383
Especially a funny one
id: 49384
Becky and Mom can't even handle this card
id: 49385
Aunt Teresa's face sums it up
id: 49386
Ah, that's what's so funny. Becky mixed it up!
id: 49387
She also mixed up where Mom and Aunt Teresa were taking a trip to!
id: 49388
Oh well, it's the thought that counts
id: 49389
She also got some cheesy cups and a neat bit of smart jewelry!
id: 49390
Selfie time!
id: 49391
id: 49392
Hey I know that Boston
id: 49393
10,000 miles!
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