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05/20/17 - I help Bryce move into his new place in Amish country

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id: 49394
It's a small van but you'd be surprised how much you can fit in it
id: 49395
Making progress
id: 49396
Gotta get Bryce's precious poster that he definitely loves so much.
id: 49397
Aaaand packed.
id: 49398
Bryce loves driving
id: 49399
Wes says bye!
id: 49400
Annalise came to get dinner with us!
id: 49401
That is one fruity drink
id: 49402
I beat Fire Emblem: Conquest while we waited for food
id: 49403
I got a bunch of little beers
id: 49404
Recreating Bryce's famous technique of touching peoples' faces while you take their photo
id: 49405
Annalise is weird
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