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05/30/17 - We celebrate and remember the life of my incredbile grandmother

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id: 49406
I've passed this place countless times and always kept in the back of my mind that someday it would be my turn to visit it. I took no photos of the wake or funeral. These are from the reception.
id: 49407
Uncle Michael, the eldest, gave a speech. My mom captures the day's feelings pretty well
id: 49408
I was happy to see that there were still some smiles. After all, it's rare for this much of the family to get together at once.
id: 49409
Aunt Teresa
id: 49410
Greg and Johnny
id: 49411
Uncle Brian and Uncle Stephen
id: 49412
Aunt Kathy
id: 49413
Aunt Anne, Gragra's sister.
id: 49414
Caitlin's daughter Juliet did a great job injecting some joy into the day and reminding us that life continues
id: 49415
Good job trying to intimidate my camera
id: 49416
Uncle Stephen, now a grandfather, having fun with Juliet
id: 49417
Caitlin demonstrates my cat wrangling techniques with Juliet
id: 49418
Where's Mommy??
id: 49419
Hi there
id: 49420
Smile for the camera
id: 49421
Just a couple of cool cool people
id: 49422
Hi Branagans! Sorry for the low photo quality, it was pretty dark in here
id: 49423
Becky can always spot a camera
id: 49424
Such a stinkface!
id: 49425
Juliet and Becky
id: 49426
Kate came by to pay her respects
id: 49427
Aunt Kathy will kill me for posting this but I liked Becky photobombing the background
id: 49428
I felt bad for not making a point of saying hi to Aunt Anne. She passed away a few months later.
id: 49429
Uncle Brian spotted me
id: 49430
Uncle Brian and his cousin David. I'm not sure what that makes me and David. I'm bad at family trees
id: 49431
Taking Juliet for a walk
id: 49432
Uncle Michael and Aunt Teresa
id: 49433
Aunt Diane
id: 49434
Uncle Peter
id: 49435
Telling stories on the couch
id: 49436
id: 49437
This kid is going to have a very different relationship to technology growing up than I did
id: 49438
Siblings telling stories
id: 49439
Gathering near the bar
id: 49440
Told you we could still have a few smiles
id: 49441
id: 49442
Uncle Peter somehow ended up with these heavy flowers
id: 49443
Well.. now what
id: 49444
This is how I left the group. A strange quantum state of grief, joy, and some ethanol for good measure.
id: 49445
Sorry I can't stick around, I've got a plane to catch!
id: 49446
Remembering others who sat on this bench..
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