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05/31/17 - Daily slice of life photos for May 2017

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id: 49447
Watching the race at the F1 meetup in DC
id: 49448
It's tough to convey this in a photo but the lighting was REALLY strange
id: 49449
This isn't some artifact of the camera. It was all weird and orange
id: 49450
Hi Dan
id: 49451
Hi Dan
id: 49452
Just a typical afternoon at work
id: 49453
David's having fun
id: 49454
id: 49455
Gibsan's done with us
id: 49456
Car washes are scary
id: 49457
Just a corner of Omar's house
id: 49458
id: 49459
id: 49460
id: 49461
Vic's got his slump on
id: 49462
New luggage and old luggage. I still maintain the old luggage was good since who the hell would steal it?
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