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06/15/17 - Touring the Hubble Space Telescope Mission Operations Center

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id: 49463
Who else wants to go on a tour?
id: 49464
Lots of Goddard folks on this GSFC tour
id: 49465
Listening to the history of the Hubble Space Telescope
id: 49466
Little Hubble!
id: 49467
Hey I have a signed copy of that photo!
id: 49468
The actual Hubble MOC!
id: 49469
Some old Hubble gear
id: 49470
No one's in the MOC since they are completely automated except for unusual circumstances. I'm working to get Aqua, Aura, and Terra there!
id: 49471
Nice Hubble model!
id: 49472
Various old HST equipment
id: 49473
HST sensor
id: 49474
A tiny piece of the original solar panels
id: 49475
Specialized electronics
id: 49476
MOCs always look so cool
id: 49477
Tiffany lines up a shot
id: 49478
I love seeing flown equipment
id: 49479
Wow. Where do I buy one of these? And can we get them for our birds?
id: 49480
A scale model of the shuttle payload bay and Hubble
id: 49481
More flown equipment
id: 49482
I really wish they sold this technical diagram poster
id: 49483
See? HST Operations!
id: 49484
The tour continues
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