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06/30/17 - Daily slice of life photos for June 2017

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id: 49527
House hunting! I almost ended up with this house but they held out
id: 49528
Some art based on the F-1 injector plate
id: 49529
Vic digs through cables as he helps me debug my "BAD_POOL_HEADER" computer problem
id: 49530
Sam observes
id: 49531
We are deep in it
id: 49532
Cat assisstant
id: 49533
"What's that, a mouse?"
id: 49534
We eventually gave up and reformatted
id: 49535
I found some picturesque fields while house hunting
id: 49536
Conrad tries his hand at Kerbal. It didn't go well
id: 49537
Chris tools around the track in Assetto Corsa
id: 49538
Conrad tries to keep it on the road
id: 49539
Who knew there are pretty farms so close by?
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