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07/12/17 - GSFC knows how to put on an impressive science fair

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id: 49638
Another person gets their first taste of VR
id: 49639
So many interesting tables!
id: 49640
The cryo guys always had a crowd
id: 49641
David, Dan, and Jeff show off the touchscreen
id: 49642
Liquid nitrogen!
id: 49643
Ahh, that's why they're popular. They're making ice cream!
id: 49644
Shawn loves science!!
id: 49645
Also science ice cream
id: 49646
X-ray mirrors is not something I've ever considered. Neat.
id: 49647
Hey cool, a balloon
id: 49648
Oh, sorry, a scientific balloon
id: 49649
This photo looks like a test render of a raytracer
id: 49650
I got to try on an astronaut glove!
id: 49651
It was surprisingly comfortable!
id: 49652
I touched the old rock!
id: 49653
Curiosity has some big wheels!
id: 49654
Hey this drone looks familiar
id: 49655
This was the best shot I could get of the thermal camera
id: 49656
I couldn't take photos of Restore-L but I can take photos of their photos! Satellite servicing!
id: 49657
This was amazing and hilarious. Someone please make anime personifications of Aqua, Aura, and Terra!
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