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07/14/17 - Visiting 2U! First time back in NYC in a year!

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id: 49658
"So uh.... wanna.. play some Zelda?"
id: 49659
I sat in on a sprint meeting! This feels familiar
id: 49660
It was refreshing to be back where people actually care about software process. It was also funny to get a whiff of the ol' hipster-driven-development
id: 49661
Hey Nate!
id: 49662
My favorite menu in NYC
id: 49663
Rocket. Pig. Rocket Pig
id: 49664
Max checks out my NASA badge
id: 49665
Henry's got a jar of beer. Just another Friday
id: 49666
Bye Nate! (He also left 2U a couple weeks after this!)
id: 49667
Another classic Max stink-face
id: 49668
Artie is deep in concentration
id: 49669
So is Luke
id: 49670
An Eiwe stinkface!
id: 49671
I finally got to play a round of Settlers on a Beer Friday
id: 49672
What do you think, Mike?
id: 49673
It turns out I'm not very good at Settlers
id: 49674
Luke's not bad
id: 49675
Beer Friday Settlers!
id: 49676
Hi Suz!
id: 49677
Artie takes his games seriously
id: 49678
id: 49679
That's a pretty mild stinkface, Max
id: 49680
The pressure. It's too much for Artie!
id: 49681
Mike wonders if we're OK at the other end of the table
id: 49682
Henry doesn't want to play
id: 49683
What's that face for, Josh?
id: 49684
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