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07/16/17 - The NYC E-Prix! Suz and I watch Formula E cars go whrrrr

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id: 49685
What the hell is this monstrosity??
id: 49686
Learn how to make pizza! Or the scary mascot will get you!
id: 49687
Under the bridge
id: 49688
Classic NYC. Yuck.
id: 49689
Yeah this pretty much sums up the city
id: 49690
Formula E!
id: 49691
Suz wants some merch!
id: 49692
We got here a little early. We misunderstood and thought there was a track walk. There wasn't. So we had some time to kill
id: 49693
How they capture the race sounds!
id: 49694
id: 49695
Race helmets
id: 49696
Close up with a Formula E car! Or at least a realistic model
id: 49697
Fancy wheel
id: 49698
Front wing
id: 49699
id: 49700
This is apparently how they ship the cars
id: 49701
Ahh, yes. Battery powered vehicle
id: 49702
There were driver bios all over the place. This one had a typo! Also, The Rock is great
id: 49703
The flags!
id: 49704
Whoever drew this is confused about what Formula E is
id: 49705
Another F-E car
id: 49706
Oh I'm ready
id: 49707
Food trucks!
id: 49708
The EJ! I never actually saw him
id: 49709
Time to do the weird pre-qualifying thing
id: 49710
Lucas Di Grassi!
id: 49711
All the drivers are just right there! It's pretty cool, actually. I almost certainly could've walked up and talked to some
id: 49712
Suz snaps some shots
id: 49713
Jean-Eric Vergne! He was a Formula 1 driver when I first started watching
id: 49714
"Check out this ping pong ball"
id: 49715
Lucas Di Grassi is pertty photogenic
id: 49716
Felix de Costa!
id: 49717
Human vision is weird. If you zoom in you can barely see anything. But zoomed out it's not so bad
id: 49718
Suz loves lemonade
id: 49719
Formula E cars on the track!
id: 49720
Di Grassi zooms by
id: 49721
It's awesome to actually see the cars on the track
id: 49722
id: 49723
A model of the future roborace cars
id: 49724
They were designed by the guy who designed the vehicles in Tron. I think it's a bit much
id: 49725
Big fancy wheel
id: 49726
The rear looks like something out of a video game
id: 49727
Suz's hair is trying to escape
id: 49728
Look at the lens, Suz!
id: 49729
Suz is #1!
id: 49730
Oh wait, nevermind
id: 49731
Track mashalls!
id: 49732
Funny little RC car
id: 49733
Not exactly the most lively concert
id: 49734
Suz is all about this cooling mist
id: 49735
Trying to find Suz's friends
id: 49736
You're not allowed to stop and take photos on the walkway so you have to be quick
id: 49737
Adam Carroll's name lends to a funny abbreviation. "CAR"
id: 49738
Nelson Piquet Jr! A notorious career in Formula 1, but doing quite well in Formula E!
id: 49739
It's tough to capture how quickly they corner
id: 49740
The Mahindra cars have a great livery
id: 49741
Daniel Abt!
id: 49742
You can see how the bottom-left is lower as the car is wrestled through the corner
id: 49743
The view from our seats. The jumbotron was helpful
id: 49744
Speed racecars
id: 49745
We found Suz's friends! And they love solar panels
id: 49746
Another quick shot from the walkway
id: 49747
It was absurdly hot. Suz tries the "water in the hat" trick
id: 49748
Soon it will be lights-out!
id: 49749
It's the roborace prototype car!
id: 49750
Heyyy, the self-driving car has a dude driving it! It's just for calibration though
id: 49751
id: 49752
The roborace driver is out, and the car is about to do a lap on its own!
id: 49753
Now this is more like it! The grandstands are full and it's time to race!
id: 49754
The starting grid. From the side you can see how far apart they are
id: 49755
id: 49756
Fighting over the corner!
id: 49757
These guys had a great view
id: 49758
Felix Rosenqvist speeds by. He's the guy I decided was my guy. So of course he had all sorts of problems
id: 49759
Suz arbitrarily chose Sam Bird, who of course went on to win!
id: 49760
Rosenqvist has damage! Also it's tough to focus through a fence!
id: 49761
That blur is a car!
id: 49762
Decent turnout!
id: 49763
Peeking through the fence hole
id: 49764
Debris on the track! Safety Car out!
id: 49765
Nick Heidfeld's car goes for a ride
id: 49766
Suz had fun. And got a free hat!
id: 49767
And this is what I came home to
id: 49768
My own speed machine is wounded!
id: 49769
Hey cool, the brake rotor
id: 49770
Towing to the tire place
id: 49771
The culprit
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