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07/18/17 - Droneswarm test flight

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id: 49772
Scott works on the sensor package
id: 49773
Neat. The orange thing is a battery for the comm package. The blue thing on top is the XBEE, which transmits data
id: 49774
Receive Packet!
id: 49775
Scott's feeling pretty good about this flight
id: 49776
Pilot Jack
id: 49777
The drone's ready to go
id: 49778
Careful with the drone
id: 49779
Soon it'll be flying
id: 49780
Prepping the drone
id: 49781
A good day for flying
id: 49782
Flying lawn mower
id: 49783
Final preparations
id: 49784
Doing the calibration dance
id: 49785
Neat clouds
id: 49786
Ready to fly?
id: 49787
One more calibration dance
id: 49788
Nobody.. turn.. it on..
id: 49789
OK, actually ready to fly
id: 49790
Away it goes!
id: 49791
Deploying landing gear
id: 49792
Jack takes it in for a landing
id: 49793
id: 49794
It's OK, it just gently tipped over after a safe landing
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