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07/19/17 - Droneswarm demo flight 1!

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id: 49795
Scott is excited for emo day
id: 49796
Jeff is.. Jeff
id: 49797
Scott mounts the guidance platform
id: 49798
Careful with the wires
id: 49799
Drone's eye view
id: 49800
Testing some of the guidance sensors
id: 49801
Calibration dance.. indoors!
id: 49802
Laptops in the grass
id: 49803
The interns set up some physical obstacles for the drone to avoid
id: 49804
Bringing the drone out into the field
id: 49805
Something seems to be wrong
id: 49806
Inspecting the package
id: 49807
Testing sensors
id: 49808
Some of the sensors aren't firing up
id: 49809
id: 49810
Nick's ready to see a robot fly
id: 49811
Refreshments arrive!
id: 49812
Carefully checking the onboard computer
id: 49813
Testing voltage
id: 49814
Robot surgery kit
id: 49815
Are we ready to fly?
id: 49816
Calibration dance!
id: 49817
Ready to fly
id: 49818
a.i. folks waiting in the heat
id: 49819
id: 49820
Landing gear up
id: 49821
id: 49822
id: 49823
Analyzing data
id: 49824
Scott explains goals for the project
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