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07/22/17 - Otakon panic meeting. Let's check out the WEWCC!

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id: 49825
Working through the agenda
id: 49826
Vic prepares this year's ballot while we listen
id: 49827
I do some orbit math
id: 49828
This is the room that becomes Main Events, once the air walls are retracted
id: 49829
This is where the chairs live
id: 49830
Let's go!
id: 49831
id: 49832
This is a heavily trafficked area during the con
id: 49833
The LEGO staircase
id: 49834
There are some huge spaces here
id: 49835
The hallway outside the new AMV Theater
id: 49836
Back halls
id: 49837
Peeking inside the AMV Theater, still with air walls up.
id: 49838
This is the photo I took right before those guards kicked us out
id: 49839
How big is that window? Vic for scale
id: 49840
We found the official tour! Back into the WEWCC!
id: 49841
The huge area where the dealer's room and artist's alley go
id: 49842
Some sort of crude tachikoma?
id: 49843
Some other con is setting up or tearing down
id: 49844
The area outside the Marriott
id: 49845
Why are there cup noodles at the pizza place?
id: 49846
Vic's laptop stand is intense
id: 49847
Meeting over?
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