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07/28/17 - Wandering around St. Paul, Minnesota

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id: 49848
Welcome to Minnesota!
id: 49849
Tug boat pushing a barge around
id: 49850
id: 49851
Cargo trains
id: 49852
Tracks are neat
id: 49853
The Mississippi River!
id: 49854
Spending a day at the river
id: 49855
Big locomotives
id: 49856
Buildings in downtown St. Paul
id: 49857
Sky bridge
id: 49858
id: 49859
Neat architecture
id: 49860
Sky and concrete
id: 49861
Hey I know that guy
id: 49862
Uhh.. I'll be leaving
id: 49863
Wiggly building
id: 49864
Train drawbridge?
id: 49865
Walking over the next bridge down the river
id: 49866
Fancy event area
id: 49867
What the hell is that thing?
id: 49868
Grain elevators?
id: 49869
St. Paul!
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