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07/28/17 - Rehearsal dinner for Jon and Becca's wedding.. on a river boat!

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id: 49870
Jon looks pretty excited
id: 49871
Tim looks actually excited
id: 49872
Jeremy is wondering if he should've brought his sunglasses like Carl
id: 49873
Gabe has some seriously impressive sideburns
id: 49874
Hey it's Jon's Dad! Long time no see
id: 49875
Well aren't you a fancy boy
id: 49876
Jon looks so caught off guard
id: 49877
Practicing the ceremony
id: 49878
The bride to be, Becca
id: 49879
Tim playing with.. I dunno, a younger cousin?
id: 49880
Jon's parents! It was fun seeing everyone again after so many years
id: 49881
Many photos were taken
id: 49882
Practice makes perfect?
id: 49883
id: 49884
And then the ring?
id: 49885
Hey kid, you got a ring?
id: 49886
The ring transfer
id: 49887
Becca's bridesmaids
id: 49888
Ha, what's that look?
id: 49889
"We did itttt"
id: 49890
Well that was fun
id: 49891
Practicing leaving
id: 49892
Practicing coming back!
id: 49893
Gabe with his bridesmaid
id: 49894
Tim's got TWO bridesmaids
id: 49895
Some of these photos are hard to caption. I dunno, what's next?
id: 49896
The couple was so casual. Not at all nervous
id: 49897
Beer time!
id: 49898
Carl samples the beer
id: 49899
Lens flares are neat
id: 49900
Oh captain my captain
id: 49901
It was great weather for a trip down the Mississippi
id: 49902
Big bridge!
id: 49903
id: 49904
I need one of these for the podcast
id: 49905
id: 49906
Time for speeches
id: 49907
Jon loves speeches about him
id: 49908
Jon's Mom was having fun at least
id: 49909
Tim was super into the "bride or groom" trivia game
id: 49910
Oh no! Shouldn't you know this question, Tim?
id: 49911
Natalie ran the trivia question
id: 49912
Tim is victorious
id: 49913
Jon was very enthusiastic to confirm stories Natalie was telling. As is clearly visible
id: 49914
More trivia!
id: 49915
"Groom" seems to be the popular vote
id: 49916
Tim says "bride"
id: 49917
Hahaha, oh Jon
id: 49918
And then singing happened!
id: 49919
They sang Becca's life story. It was something else
id: 49920
Lots of people were involved
id: 49921
Becca's mom lead the charge
id: 49922
The couple watched the song unfold
id: 49923
It was quite a production
id: 49924
Props and everything
id: 49925
And then we held hands?
id: 49926
id: 49927
Heading back up the river
id: 49928
This big wheel is neat
id: 49929
St. Paul! Or Minneapolis. I can't tell them apart
id: 49930
Afterparty in the lobby!
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