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08/11/17 - It's time for Otakon 2017! Let's set everything up!

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id: 50091
Topaz gets so excited for Otakon
id: 50092
Let's do this
id: 50093
I didn't get this joke until I listened to the Giant Bomb game of the year podcasts at the end of the year
id: 50094
Topaz remains so excited for Otakon
id: 50095
Soth Bulding C
id: 50096
Our new back halls
id: 50097
Another Otakon staffer hard at work
id: 50098
Whoa, what are these future pods?
id: 50099
Testing the lights for the dance
id: 50100
Topaz started dancing with the test lights and they immediately turned off
id: 50101
Lights are pretty complicated
id: 50102
It really bums me out that signs like this are required
id: 50103
Phrobyn isn't sure about these photos
id: 50104
Welcome to the new AMV Theater
id: 50105
Spherical mattress?
id: 50106
This is a very helpful sign
id: 50107
So.. where is the loading dock?
id: 50108
We found Vic and Amanda!
id: 50109
Time to start unpacking
id: 50110
Another team was also unpacking
id: 50111
Get all the crap out of the van so Vic can go park
id: 50112
Hi Amanda
id: 50113
Organizing all the equipment
id: 50114
Time to shoot another time lapse video
id: 50115
It's quiet in here
id: 50116
Consult the All-Knowing Binder
id: 50117
Anthony is pertty good about noticing the camera
id: 50118
Our old friend Skynet
id: 50119
My favorite sign
id: 50120
Space Corps, eh?
id: 50121
Hey I know those guys
id: 50122
id: 50123
The "LEGO Staircase"
id: 50124
This year's program guide. The theme is "Spies"
id: 50125
The other program guide cover
id: 50126
Vic's all radioed up
id: 50127
Amanda already looks tired
id: 50128
Figuring out the laptop setup
id: 50129
What next, Amanda?
id: 50130
McKeed gets to work taping down the cables
id: 50131
Wiring up the server
id: 50132
More cable tape
id: 50133
Now Will can never get down!
id: 50134
A two for one special on Team Camera-Shy!
id: 50135
Taking down the 16:9 screen so we can put up a 4:3 one
id: 50136
id: 50137
Otakon cookies!
id: 50138
Otakon is delicious
id: 50139
Meanwhile, in Main Events..
id: 50140
The con before us was really exciting
id: 50141
Don't get near our projector!
id: 50142
Checking out the server
id: 50143
Hi Amanda
id: 50144
Fun things are fun
id: 50145
Carrying more equipment
id: 50146
Now we have ballots!
id: 50147
Hi Will
id: 50148
We have too much stuff
id: 50149
Waiting around Main Events
id: 50150
Anthony's new LinkedIn profile photo
id: 50151
This stuff makes the AMV Theater look easy
id: 50152
Cables and pipes everywhere
id: 50153
Watcha got there, a phone?
id: 50154
Topaz is so full of energy we should just attach a generator to him
id: 50155
Hi Topaz
id: 50156
Let's find dinner!
id: 50157
Nice lighting in DC
id: 50158
That's a big Otakon sign
id: 50159
Back in the WEWCC
id: 50160
Ascending into Otakon
id: 50161
Hey we have a sign now!
id: 50162
Practicing connecting panelists
id: 50163
Dominion is fun
id: 50164
Hey Main Events actually came together by the morning!
id: 50165
That's a lot of chairs
id: 50166
Let's calibrate it
id: 50167
Food is good
id: 50168
Omar found his sign poles!
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