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08/13/17 - Otakon 2017 is upon us! First year in DC!

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id: 50169
Taako says "don't touch the server"
id: 50170
Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle!
id: 50171
It's Rey from that new Star War!
id: 50172
I should probably get around to watching Princess Tutu
id: 50173
Nappa's going to kick my ass
id: 50174
Topaz trying to figure out why my stupid laptop won't connect to his network
id: 50175
Surprise! Kate is here!
id: 50176
Also Teo!
id: 50177
Not the best turnout for our space panel but it was fun as always
id: 50178
Dan and Josh came to watch some anime
id: 50179
Step step!
id: 50180
Fastest thing alive
id: 50181
Neat lighting at the hotel
id: 50182
I love shots of cosplayers at Starbucks
id: 50183
Whoops, who's got a keygen?
id: 50184
Sound Guy James takes a hoverboard for a spin
id: 50185
Mel couldn't find a lanyard.. so she used tape
id: 50186
id: 50187
Well this is.. uh..
id: 50188
Tenshi is going to cut me
id: 50189
New Dealer's Room
id: 50190
Who new Mercy had a tattoo?
id: 50191
Some of these cosplayers must be.. cold
id: 50192
id: 50193
That chalk art guy is at it again
id: 50194
id: 50195
This guy was actually playing!
id: 50196
At first I thought this was Beakman, but MST3K is also pretty great
id: 50197
id: 50198
Welcome Aspect Ratio
id: 50199
Taking advantage of the scifi-esque hotel lobby
id: 50200
Time for my shift
id: 50201
Otakon Simulator guy is back!
id: 50202
More Overwatch cosplayers!
id: 50203
D.Va is making quite a face
id: 50204
Young Ana
id: 50205
A gaggle of Robins
id: 50206
This year's official AMV Contest results
id: 50207
My girls! D.Va and Mercy
id: 50208
How do they get air in there?
id: 50209
The black parts of the floor looked like rogue gaffer tape
id: 50210
id: 50211
Not sure what this is, but it sure is elaborate
id: 50212
Rainbow.. bat.. thing? I bet this is from Kill la Kill
id: 50213
Probably my favorite shot this year. "Cosplayers interacting with the normal world"
id: 50214
This guy is as thin as his fans
id: 50215
Devil Mercy!
id: 50216
Those are some big sleeves
id: 50217
Hey it's that Chrono guy!
id: 50218
Lots of big open spaces in the WEWCC
id: 50219
Hey I know those guys!
id: 50220
Topaz and Kate hanging out
id: 50221
A full VAT is a happy VAT
id: 50222
Amanda says "No"
id: 50223
Josh at Otakon!
id: 50224
Mel getting something out of Amanda's pocket lead to a great photo op
id: 50225
Is "Got Repel?" guy getting more Zubats every year?
id: 50226
Wendys cosplayers??
id: 50227
Great turnout for Topaz's talk!
id: 50228
Topaz in "let's talk about cybersecurity" mode
id: 50229
"And I said, that's not an iptable, that's my wife!"
id: 50230
"So the thing about Visual Basic to track the killers is.."
id: 50231
Something has gone awry at this Metal Gear Solid shoot
id: 50232
id: 50233
Topaz continued answering questions in the hallway
id: 50234
I think there's a Sbarro near here
id: 50235
There was some super intense rain. It even leaked in Artist's Alley!
id: 50236
Vic in full crisis mode as he tries to fix the Iron Editor laptops
id: 50237
"AMVs right this way"
id: 50238
Bumming around in the booth
id: 50239
Queueing up videos
id: 50240
Mel keeps the audience engaged
id: 50241
Peter / DJ-PON3 is a judge
id: 50242
id: 50243
Taking a break at the end of a long shift
id: 50244
"Let's shoot our band cover on the escalator"
id: 50245
I think we found the dance
id: 50246
It was so loud the sound was like a texture
id: 50247
Unts, unts, unts, unts
id: 50248
Amanda loves raves
id: 50249
I hope you're all drinking your water
id: 50250
Otakon ran the bag check when they found out the WEWCC was charging per bag
id: 50251
Topaz... remains so excited for Otakon
id: 50252
Flying Nimbus!
id: 50253
Mel is plotting something
id: 50254
Kit watches over his dominion
id: 50255
Oh god, no one tell Pub Ops about this
id: 50256
I don't know what you are, Captain Crossbow, but that's a cool costume
id: 50257
If this guy offers you apple juice.. say no
id: 50258
Another Taako!
id: 50259
Tsundere sharK?
id: 50260
Want to buy some fwends?
id: 50261
So many Taakos!
id: 50262
Lots of people checking out today
id: 50263
This is the funniest goddamn thing I've ever seen
id: 50264
Ranma-chan in search of hot water
id: 50265
Conrad loves photos
id: 50266
Holy crap, this is excessive
id: 50267
Is this a warning to other cosplayers?
id: 50268
id: 50269
So fancy
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