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08/14/17 - Let's wrap up Otakon

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id: 50270
Next year's theme is Mechs!
id: 50271
The view from the back of the feedback panel
id: 50272
Some tired staffers
id: 50273
My view when lying down on the chairs
id: 50274
So many cables
id: 50275
Finding stuff
id: 50276
Will pushing the cart
id: 50277
Lots of CRTs for the video game purists
id: 50278
Mel likes her "$20 Christmas" gift!
id: 50279
Phrobyn takes the stairs. We are fat.
id: 50280
Dead Dog! Let's buy one or two expensive drinks and tell war stories
id: 50281
Poor Phrobyn got a data dump of all our craziest con stories
id: 50282
Dave remembers these stories..
id: 50283
id: 50284
They gave us origami paper. I got to work
id: 50285
Such a huge open space
id: 50286
Now this is a con I can get behind
id: 50287
We all gathered for the staff photo.. and then had to scramble to a different staircase
id: 50288
Kit can't help but control crowds
id: 50289
Topaz checking.. stuff
id: 50290
I got a scouter in the random prize thing
id: 50291
Looking good
id: 50292
Topaz doesn't get it
id: 50293
Let's... sleep for 30 hours
id: 50294
Topaz setting up board games
id: 50295
Hey we're way up there!
id: 50296
Time to crush people at Codenames
id: 50297
"He's better at this when he's not half asleep"
id: 50298
id: 50299
Will is ready to eat enough to justify the high price of this breakfast buffet
id: 50300
Will took a cup full of salmon with him. Gross but.. certainly helps get his money's worth
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