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08/20/17 - Photos from the road as we head to South Carolina

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id: 50335
id: 50336
A lighthouse.. on land?
id: 50337
Probably on their way to fuel up an X-15
id: 50338
Playing with fire, Marcus
id: 50339
Oh we're planning
id: 50340
There was so much tire debris on the roads
id: 50341
That's a pretty sunset
id: 50342
Drive safe, motorcycle guy
id: 50343
Let's go talk to them, James
id: 50344
So many signs for South of the Border
id: 50345
Well.. we finally got here
id: 50346
There is so much weird crap here
id: 50347
This definitely looks safe
id: 50348
This place was creepy as hell. It was literally like something out of a nightmare. Weird lighting, people wandering around from all directions..
id: 50349
Fireworks are fun
id: 50350
"Video Power"?
id: 50351
id: 50352
This is the saddest arcade
id: 50353
The view from the sketchy elevator
id: 50354
Well.. we're up on the big hat. You could feel it swaying
id: 50355
Scary headless owl
id: 50356
James is so excited he finally got up on the big hat
id: 50357
The middle of the hat
id: 50358
The view from the top
id: 50359
It was very red
id: 50360
The emergency stairs look.. safe
id: 50361
This is comforting
id: 50362
Uh huh..
id: 50363
Hey, F1!
id: 50364
We made it to our Airbnb!
id: 50365
AJ tries out the eclipse glasses
id: 50366
James was really excited about this pizza place
id: 50367
Rubik's Cubes!
id: 50368
James introduces his pizza to his pizza shirt
id: 50369
Suz likes pizza
id: 50370
James takes his selfie for the day
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