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08/21/17 - The Total Solar Eclipse is here! Let's just hope the weather holds

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id: 50371
It's foggy in Charleston.. and there's going to be clouds! Time to drive across all of South Carolina to get to our new primary viewnig location
id: 50372
I think I know where these guys are going!
id: 50373
Grabbing breakfast at Waffle House in central South Carolina!
id: 50374
James made friends with the waitress
id: 50375
Classic James. Giant slice of chocolate pie
id: 50376
I. Love. Waffle House.
id: 50377
Another NASA nerd!
id: 50378
James is ready for this eclipse
id: 50379
Balloon selfie
id: 50380
We accidentally set up in the wrong driveway for a few minutes.. Our viewing spot was outside Suz's relative's house
id: 50381
The first tiny slice of missing sun! (On the right)
id: 50382
Andrew really came through with his little cardboard filters. Much easier than the sheets I had.
id: 50383
The sun is disappearing!
id: 50384
The sun spots were really handy for manual focusing
id: 50385
It was super duper hot.. so we spent a lot of time hiding in the shade
id: 50386
I covered my camera with a shirt when I wasn't shooting, so it wouldn't overheat
id: 50387
How's it looking, James?
id: 50388
This real-time simulation actually came in handy. It was cool to check what percentage we were at. I punched in our GPS coordinates to make sure it was accurate
id: 50389
AJ and Suz are taking proper eye protection precautions
id: 50390
Our viewing area
id: 50391
James and the Plane: A story in three photos
id: 50392
James throws the plane
id: 50393
The plane throws.. James?
id: 50394
The sun is really getting covered up now!
id: 50395
We had a few clouds.. but hopefully they'll move in time!
id: 50396
Just a sliver left!
id: 50397
It was tough to capture, but the light started to feel sort of weird
id: 50398
How's it going, AJ? Also, note the shadows.. They're starting to get all weird based on the crescent sun
id: 50399
Almost gone!
id: 50400
The light is getting weirder.. It's tough to describe. It wasn't so much that it was dark or dim so much as... I don't know. It was odd.
id: 50401
My trusty 70d hard at work
id: 50402
The last little bit of the sun
id: 50403
May I present to you.. a total solar eclipse.
id: 50404
It's... beyond words
id: 50405
The corona!
id: 50406
A solar flare!
id: 50407
If you ever have a chance to see this yourself you absolutely have to go
id: 50408
Look at that little solar flare!
id: 50409
The only shot I took from the wide angle
id: 50410
This is blurry as hell but I sort of like it. It captures the chaos and unworldly feeling of the moment
id: 50411
The prominences are really incredible
id: 50412
It's fun trying different exposure settings on it
id: 50413
The sun is coming back!
id: 50414
The diamond ring
id: 50415
And that's a wrap on that!
id: 50416
I forgot to get a good photo of the strange shadows but you can see them here
id: 50417
Let's take a group photo while the sun is still dim!
id: 50418
We did it!
id: 50419
Trying to jump at the same time is hard..
id: 50420
Suz loves jumping
id: 50421
Jump shot take 2
id: 50422
See? The sun is coming back
id: 50423
Andrew and Zoe checking out the sun
id: 50424
James makes the best shot of the trip
id: 50425
The balloon back home
id: 50426
Putting coolant in Suz's car
id: 50427
Hey Cheerwine does exist!
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