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08/24/17 - CEO Bob takes the team for a ride on his boat

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id: 50428
This is where the boats live
id: 50429
Everyone ready for a boat ride?
id: 50430
This is like a spectrum of enthusiasm
id: 50431
Justin's into it
id: 50432
Checking the map first
id: 50433
Bob showed us the engine compartment. Big engines!
id: 50434
Such dynamic steering
id: 50435
David is ready for some crabs
id: 50436
So is Jeff
id: 50437
Picking apart a crab
id: 50438
David is so excited about this crab
id: 50439
Gotta stay clean
id: 50440
Dan methodically and ruthlessly disassembled his crabs
id: 50441
Crabs are gross
id: 50442
You know you're in for something when they put buckets on your table
id: 50443
A good time was had by all
id: 50444
Back on the boat!
id: 50445
David looks into the future
id: 50446
I think Fred is ready to be a captain
id: 50447
I wonder if Joe's smart watch is waterproof..
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