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08/31/17 - I close on my first house!

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id: 50448
This nondescript building is where I spend all my money
id: 50449
Take a deep breath.. time to sign some papers
id: 50450
So many papers to sign
id: 50451
Me and my real estate agent Rachel
id: 50452
Rachel's hobby is breaking her phones
id: 50453
This photo presented a challenge since I didn't want to show the actual key shape. So I photoshopped it into this weird nub so I could still capture the spirit of the photo
id: 50454
Got the keys!
id: 50455
I made an origami crane while all the legalese was explained to me
id: 50456
Look at me! JP, homeowner!
id: 50457
Land... land is good.
id: 50458
This is my floor
id: 50459
Of course, I insisted on sleeping there on the first night
id: 50460
First wave of crap
id: 50461
Handy mantle for displaying stuff
id: 50462
First piece of artwork for the new house: an official NASA flag
id: 50463
So much crap. This is how far into building those shelves I got before I realized I didn't have a hammer
id: 50464
Books and DVDs everywhere
id: 50465
Amazon sent me the wrong foam mattress at first but let me keep it. So I just sold it.
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