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08/31/17 - Daily slice of life photos for August 2017

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id: 50466
Neil is official now
id: 50467
Sitting in on a space-themed art stream with Eric. Starmie what happened to you??
id: 50468
Codenames back at Omar's place
id: 50469
The cats being.. cats
id: 50470
James always looks sort of panicked
id: 50471
I don't know why James has to make that face for every photo!
id: 50472
James is part of the JWST family
id: 50473
id: 50474
What happens when a launch is streamed during a NASA meeting
id: 50475
This thing under my car doesn't seem great
id: 50476
Gibsan thought it'd be a good idea to put her toddler on my car's hood. It was not.
id: 50477
Debriefing with Andy
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