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10/27/17 - I meet history podcaster Mike Duncan at a Philly book signing

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id: 50502
I think this is the right place
id: 50503
Not a huge surprise how many people showed up early. I'm glad I got here as early as I did!
id: 50504
The books arrive!
id: 50505
Not sure what's up with the mask..
id: 50506
id: 50507
Hey it's Mike Duncan!
id: 50508
The one and only
id: 50509
"It's my fault you like Rome now"
id: 50510
Surprised at the turnout?
id: 50511
Waving to people in the back
id: 50512
Let's talk about history!
id: 50513
Nice modeling job
id: 50514
History is fun
id: 50515
Mike Duncan reads from his book
id: 50516
It must be weird to read from your own book
id: 50517
Notes and questions
id: 50518
id: 50519
I think Mike Duncan is having a fun time
id: 50520
I got a picture with him! I gave him my podcast's business card. I said he didn't have to listen but he had to let me believe he would
id: 50521
This is going right next to my Jim Lovell book
id: 50522
I'm super glad I got in line early
id: 50523
Mike was there for a long night!
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