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10/29/17 - Board games and cats at Vic and Amanda's

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id: 50524
TV is fun
id: 50525
Cats love board games
id: 50526
Classy Taco Bell
id: 50527
I love shots like this
id: 50528
Vic loves tacos
id: 50529
Creepy board game
id: 50530
So red
id: 50531
Cue the wizard people voice
id: 50532
Amanda ponders her next move
id: 50533
This is an astronomy-friendly board game with all the red light
id: 50534
The game switches between red and blue and the board and cards all change
id: 50535
I hid a fortune cookie in Bryce's amiibo case
id: 50536
Support the cat..
id: 50537
Nooo, don't fall!
id: 50538
Cat panic!
id: 50539
Well.. this happened
id: 50540
Bryce plays a little Frisbee Golf
id: 50541
Annalise confers with Dean
id: 50542
Making foods
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