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10/31/17 - Daily slice of life photos for October 2017

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id: 50543
David had never played Portal. So we knew what we had to do
id: 50544
Joe couldn't handle how bad David was at Portal
id: 50545
Dan super couldn't handle it
id: 50546
Tom eventually had to just give it a whirl himself
id: 50547
This is the look of Dan trying to hold in advice
id: 50548
Tom takes over the controls
id: 50549
Joe delivers my first L-lens! Aka.. his old L lens
id: 50550
Hi Buzz
id: 50551
id: 50552
id: 50553
Buzz is sleepy
id: 50554
Buzz is insane. He busted through one screen door, went out onto the roof, and torpedoed through another screen! All to get out of a room with a closed door.
id: 50555
Josh was impressed by my racing rig
id: 50556
Hi Tom
id: 50557
Hi Joe
id: 50558
I went to the Goddard Engineering Colloquium to check it out before my talk
id: 50559
Neil's corner
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