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11/11/17 - Waking up absurdly early and giong on a long drive to watch the Antares OA-8 launch.. attempt

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id: 50568
Joe wakes up at 2:30am every day
id: 50569
Dan was just about to head to bed
id: 50570
David's first time at a Wawa!
id: 50571
We kept accidentally following this JWST license plate guy. He was definitely going to the launch
id: 50572
Police checkpoint? We must be in the right place
id: 50573
Hey it's a rocket!
id: 50574
David is excited. And cold
id: 50575
We're all cold
id: 50576
Camera on target
id: 50577
David considers his vast realm
id: 50578
I like rockets
id: 50579
id: 50580
id: 50581
Dan is cold. So cold
id: 50582
Cool cloud wall
id: 50583
Airplane vs the moon
id: 50584
The sun rises on Antares
id: 50585
Neat, a satellite ground station
id: 50586
The colors change so much during sunrise!
id: 50587
The birds fly away from the stray plane that scrubbed the launch. Bah. Maybe better luck tomorrow
id: 50588
Seems fine
id: 50589
Hey a Little Joe with a Mercury capsule!
id: 50590
At least breakfast will be good, right?
id: 50591
Dan laughs because breakfast sucked
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