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11/18/17 - Hanging with Vic, Amanda, Bryce, and company for various birthdays

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id: 50633
Bryce is all about wire management
id: 50634
Wow, never seen a Rift in the wild like this
id: 50635
Seems.. legit..
id: 50636
Poor Vic spent much of the weekend debugging his receiver problems
id: 50637
Amanda makes a stinkface at her birthday
id: 50638
Little Bear looks so sad
id: 50639
Getting sushi!
id: 50640
Sue likes sushi
id: 50641
Bryce's parents!
id: 50642
Wes got a hilarious little fork
id: 50643
id: 50644
Man, now I want more sushi
id: 50645
Birthday cake for Bryce!
id: 50646
What will he wish for?
id: 50647
If you wish for a Nintendo Switch I bet it works
id: 50648
It worked!
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