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11/24/17 - Home for Thanksgiving!

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id: 50649
Becky critiques Nick's cutting technique
id: 50650
Mom's got the turkey all ready to go!
id: 50651
Pie is superior to cake
id: 50652
Carving the turkey
id: 50653
Becky wants food
id: 50654
id: 50655
I love cornbread!
id: 50656
I demanded that it be served in the shape of the can
id: 50657
id: 50658
id: 50659
Macaroni is fluffy as ever
id: 50660
Nick looks so confused by Codenames
id: 50661
Mom was into it but felt bad when she misunderstood the rules in the first round. That's half the fun of games like this!
id: 50662
Brett strikes a pose at Petrones
id: 50663
Steph seems unsure about all this
id: 50664
AJ is so pink in this light!
id: 50665
Hello suz
id: 50666
Brett's ready to dig into his calzone
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