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01/05/18 - After a last second loss in the health contest at work, we blow off some steam

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id: 50789
David is the king of Buffalo Wild Wings
id: 50790
Dan is not
id: 50791
David's into it
id: 50792
Watcha working on there?
id: 50793
David made.. a thing
id: 50794
It's tough to get a picture of Dan when he's not making a face
id: 50795
"That is.. very close"
id: 50796
Dan doesn't know what I'm up to
id: 50797
David is excited about something
id: 50798
We discuss how bogus that contest was
id: 50799
So much booze. What will Tom get?
id: 50800
David only wants the top shelf stuff
id: 50801
Maybe this one?
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