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01/31/18 - Daily slice of life photos for January 2018

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id: 50802
Omar got me an awesome D.Va figure that now lives on my desk
id: 50803
Hi Tom!
id: 50804
David in a meeting
id: 50805
Shawn thinks about all the work he has to do
id: 50806
Tom's in the FOC!
id: 50807
So is Shane
id: 50808
Why am I taking pictures in the FOC? Because I love spending lots of time blurring out details, apparently
id: 50809
Mew has moved into my origami ball like some sort of hermit crab
id: 50810
id: 50811
Hi Jeff
id: 50812
Joe on the job
id: 50813
Joe under fire!
id: 50814
Joe strikes back
id: 50815
Tom isn't even armed
id: 50816
The LEGO Saturn V is a beautiful thing
id: 50817
My first floor hallway
id: 50818
id: 50819
Neil is so attentive
id: 50820
Saturn V!
id: 50821
It's tough to see but there was a cool mist in the air
id: 50822
David and Dan are excited about Jeff's goodbye lunch
id: 50823
Jeff himself
id: 50824
Dan kept making this face whenever I tried to take his picture
id: 50825
What will David order..
id: 50826
Ax in his characteristic purple shirt!
id: 50827
At least I can make him laugh while he does it
id: 50828
David got the most ridiculous drink possible
id: 50829
I brought dry ice to work and chaos ensued
id: 50830
Who put my origami ball up there?
id: 50831
David vapes only the purest CO2
id: 50832
The dry ice vapor went nuts in the wind from the vent
id: 50833
Joe's desk is so spooky
id: 50834
That's good for laptops, right?
id: 50835
Pouring vapor!
id: 50836
Let's fix Joe's rattling lens
id: 50837
This definitely seems user serviceable
id: 50838
Scott take a peek at what's going on
id: 50839
Gotta have steady hands..
id: 50840
Joe is the donut king
id: 50841
Buzz wonders about the world outside
id: 50842
Moe field strips Joe's nerf rifle
id: 50843
Gotta load the magazines
id: 50844
He's armed!
id: 50845
Petusky goes for the chop
id: 50846
Jason seems unimpressed by his partner
id: 50847
Tom's got the crappy paddle
id: 50848
I got a fancy laser level
id: 50849
A part of my house is falling down!
id: 50850
I'm glad I got this fixed before it got really windy
id: 50851
Carefully aligning corkboard
id: 50852
I spent so long making this perfectly aligned and you can't even see it once the photos are up
id: 50853
See? The photos came out pretty great though
id: 50854
So much nonsense
id: 50855
Neil chilling in the new bowl chair. I finally achieved my life goal of having a comfy bowl chair!
id: 50856
Neil is comfort
id: 50857
I used some of my Health for the Holidays winnings to buy a giant space shuttle book
id: 50858
The view from the bowl chair
id: 50859
There is a dog in the office?
id: 50860
Looks like a friendly dog
id: 50861
Gibsan disagrees
id: 50862
Watch out for the alien queen
id: 50863
David is so excited about MATLAB
id: 50864
Volle is deep in concentration
id: 50865
The Parker Probe people tend to their spacecraft as it sits in the SES
id: 50866
It's about time we fix the 3d printer
id: 50867
Hmm... seems difficult
id: 50868
Seems really difficult
id: 50869
Hey Mike's back! Just for a few days though
id: 50870
Dan's feeling really good about throwing the "empty" bag on David's desk
id: 50871
It turns out it wasn't quite empty
id: 50872
Now there is cocoa everywhere
id: 50873
Creeping on Dan
id: 50874
id: 50875
I got one of those medusa lamps
id: 50876
And a pistol for the giant Nerf darts I bought by accident
id: 50877
Joe's got a fancy coffeemaker
id: 50878
Ominous clouds
id: 50879
id: 50880
That doesn't bode well for lunch
id: 50881
No wings??
id: 50882
Where will we go instead?
id: 50883
How about some cupcakes for David's birthday! Or whatever. I forget why we got cupcakes
id: 50884
Doctor's office!
id: 50885
Frozen windshield
id: 50886
Whoa, a crazy robot at work
id: 50887
Looks friendly..
id: 50888
Supposedly we can program it to greet people at the elevator and stuff
id: 50889
You, robot
id: 50890
Catching up with Tom! He was impressed by Goddard
id: 50891
Then we hit up Microcenter
id: 50892
Fancy diagnostic data screen on Bebop
id: 50893
More LEGO Apollo stuff
id: 50894
David's ready for work in the FOC
id: 50895
Spencer's hard at work
id: 50896
Super hard at work, guys
id: 50897
Watching the SpaceX launch
id: 50898
Look at that second stage burn!
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