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02/04/18 - Having a bunch of people over for the Super Bowl! Go football!

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id: 50899
Joe's turn in the Rift
id: 50900
Tom and Dan supervise Joe to make sure he doesn't punch a hole in the ceiling with his tall self
id: 50901
What's up there?
id: 50902
Justin and Ryan are here too!
id: 50903
Katie and Dan consult about codenames
id: 50904
Joe brought a bunch of Philly stuff, including pretzels from Wawa
id: 50905
Dan explains his strategy
id: 50906
Tom is incredulous
id: 50907
Dream Team
id: 50908
Ryan works the word angles
id: 50909
Joe considers his options
id: 50910
Switching the teams!
id: 50911
This is how you can tell that Joe is on David's team
id: 50912
Joe finally understands the "David / Codenames" stories
id: 50913
Justin and Katie are the spy masters now!
id: 50914
David has found a topic he understands
id: 50915
Justin has resigned himself to being on David's team
id: 50916
David should put this on his resume
id: 50917
Let's watch some sports!
id: 50918
Cross-couch shot
id: 50919
Tom is feeling the sports energy!
id: 50920
Dan just wants to play HQ
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