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02/06/18 - The first ever Falcon Heavy launch. Double rocket landing!

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id: 50929
Traffic on the way to KSC freaked me out
id: 50930
Hello VAB
id: 50931
This definitely isn't commentary on the SLS. Nope
id: 50932
There she is.. Falcon Heavy
id: 50933
Our viewing site was at the Turn Basin, right outside the VAB. Thanks to Jeff with the awesome access!
id: 50934
The SLS launch platform. It's only leaning a little.
id: 50935
Me with blurry Falcon Heavy!
id: 50936
Blurry me with Falcon Heavy!
id: 50937
Joe managed to get past the security.. rope. Joe goes where he wants
id: 50938
And there he goes! Joe just walks across the moat thing and onto the Saturn Crawlerway. No one stopped him because they were too baffled
id: 50939
I bought a much needed water here
id: 50940
Falcon Heavy!
id: 50941
That's a fine looking launch vehicle
id: 50942
Jeff and his grandfather!
id: 50943
James loves rockets
id: 50944
I should've parked right in front of the rope. Oh well. We had some company!
id: 50945
A panorama aronud our viewing site
id: 50946
This guy has a longer telephoto than me
id: 50947
The heat haze is a little frustrating but we're SO close. Just under 3 miles
id: 50948
Dan's first rocket launch! Well, hopefully the first one that actually launches
id: 50949
id: 50950
id: 50951
Stay cool in the sun!
id: 50952
Jeff is Mr. KSC these days. Very cool
id: 50953
The Launch Control Center
id: 50954
Another identical picture of Falcon Heavy on the launch pad
id: 50955
The side of the VAB
id: 50956
Upper level winds keep pushing the launch.. let's play cards!
id: 50957
Dan taught me how to play Gin Rummy
id: 50958
We played on the grass
id: 50959
This was my view when laying in the field
id: 50960
Is it time to launch yet?
id: 50961
Dan doesn't want to have a second scrub
id: 50962
Helicopter! Note the vortex coming off the blade tip
id: 50963
I've heard this book is good!
id: 50964
Boeing in the old OPF
id: 50965
People with some good views on the LCC steps
id: 50966
Trying new shots
id: 50967
Falcon Heavyyyy
id: 50968
How do I get on the LCC roof?
id: 50969
We have venting!
id: 50970
Are you topping off the oxygen after the venting?
id: 50971
Black and white makes things cool
id: 50972
Are you sick of Falcon Heavy photos yet?
id: 50973
How about a wide shot?
id: 50974
How about a picture of Dan taking a picture?
id: 50975
Tactical Guy is ready for a launch
id: 50976
A lot of venting on the right!
id: 50977
It's launching!!
id: 50978
It's actually going!
id: 50979
Almost cleared the tower
id: 50980
The plume is so bright
id: 50981
Falcon Heavy has cleared the tower!
id: 50982
Go baby go
id: 50983
Let's try some more creative filters!
id: 50984
You can clearly see how the center core is throttled down a bit
id: 50985
Passing through the clouds
id: 50986
Up and up and up
id: 50987
The crowd went nuts
id: 50988
It's starting to tilt over
id: 50989
There's the cnotrail
id: 50990
Take that, upper level winds
id: 50991
It's really pitching now
id: 50992
You can see the plume expanding as the pressure drops
id: 50993
The contrail left a neat shadow
id: 50994
Side core separation!
id: 50995
This highly processed photo was the most visible I could make the boost back burn. You can see three plumes at once here!
id: 50996
Meanwhile, the steam from the sound suppression system is drifting away
id: 50997
Entry burn! I managed to capture it through the clouds. The side cores are slowing down to survive reentry
id: 50998
Landing burn!! You can see a green light near the engine plume of the upper core. That's a result of the engine startup sequence
id: 50999
That lower one is the same core I saw launch on the Thaicom-8 mission two years ago
id: 51000
It's so insane actually seeing this happen right in front of me, less than ten miles away
id: 51001
And they stuck the landing!
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