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02/07/18 - Dan and I leave James for lunch, meet up with Joe, and explore CCAFS!

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id: 51137
Hey I know that building
id: 51138
This is where CBS covered the old launches
id: 51139
Me with the new countdown clock!
id: 51140
So many LEDs
id: 51141
Dan's done counting the LEDs, we can leave
id: 51142
Joe loves NASA
id: 51143
Media buildings
id: 51144
Whoops, almost left my bag in the field!
id: 51145
We don't need you, anymore, KSC tour bus!
id: 51146
Another peek at 39-A
id: 51147
It's a nice looking launchpad
id: 51148
Hey it's SLC-41, now with a crew access arm!
id: 51149
This is where the Atlas V launches
id: 51150
Holy crap, the Beach House!
id: 51151
This is where the astronauts would relax before missions
id: 51152
The SLC-41 crew access arm
id: 51153
Closeup on the crew access arm
id: 51154
SLC-40, the SpaceX pad
id: 51155
I always forget what this building is
id: 51156
id: 51157
ULA building
id: 51158
I love the look of buildings down here
id: 51159
The old Launch Complex 34
id: 51160
This is where Apollo 1 was going to launch
id: 51161
This is where the accident happened
id: 51162
id: 51163
Plume deflectors
id: 51164
The LC-34 launch mount
id: 51165
It's really sobering being here
id: 51166
Sacred ground
id: 51167
They didn't want people getting too close because the structure is falling apart and dropping bits
id: 51168
Lots of rust
id: 51169
id: 51170
Another shot of the flame deflectors
id: 51171
Looking back at the LC-37 structure
id: 51172
Cruising around in style
id: 51173
Oh man, is this what I think it is?
id: 51174
Mercury 7 memorial
id: 51175
Joe rented a fancy car
id: 51176
This is where the Mercury orbital flights launched
id: 51177
This is.. incredible
id: 51178
Somehow I suspect they added these years after the fact
id: 51179
Meanwhile, next door at the former LC-13... it's the Falcon Heavy side cores!
id: 51180
They're so enormous
id: 51181
Workers prepare one of the cores
id: 51182
Looking good, considering!
id: 51183
I got one decent shot as we drove by
id: 51184
Ha, wow. This isn't a joke
id: 51185
This is that ramp outside the O&C building that astronauts walk down, waving to the press, on the way to the astrovan!
id: 51186
Joe helped me get a nicer shot by taking this sign off
id: 51187
Touching the mission patches
id: 51188
Of course, I had to walk down the ramp. I did not wave, though
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