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02/28/18 - Daily slice of life photos for February 2018

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id: 51189
Hi Bob!
id: 51190
Buzz Buzzington
id: 51191
I like James' anti-wind guards for his plants
id: 51192
Where are we going?
id: 51193
Dan loves pingpong
id: 51194
Lining up that slice!
id: 51195
David thinks about his backlog
id: 51196
Toys on my desk
id: 51197
My throat hurts so bad!
id: 51198
I crawled onto the bed and died for a few days
id: 51199
Hi Neil
id: 51200
This is where I keep this origami ball
id: 51201
Joe's patchse
id: 51202
Tom hard at work
id: 51203
50% off flowers on the day after Valentine's Day
id: 51204
A row of buildings near my house
id: 51205
Sad balloon
id: 51206
Space debris or washing machine? You be the judge
id: 51207
Walking down the bike trail
id: 51208
The contractor fixed my siding. Good job!
id: 51209
Also reattached this drain
id: 51210
Oh no!! Snow!!
id: 51211
id: 51212
David only drinks Mio, not water
id: 51213
What's out there?
id: 51214
Dynamics book!
id: 51215
Dan inspects my new book
id: 51216
Apollo 17 patch! I can't believe I'm already to the end of the lunar landing missions
id: 51217
Hi Scott!
id: 51218
id: 51219
Eppy is a noodle cat
id: 51220
Dan has several confusing games
id: 51221
Ellicott City is a cool place! I like the verticality. Unfortunately, it makes this region prone to really horrific flooding
id: 51222
Grain elevators! Haven't seen those in a while
id: 51223
The menu at Macha Time
id: 51224
Joe's grinding coffee at work now
id: 51225
Hi David
id: 51226
Various refuse!
id: 51227
Nice clouds
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