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03/09/18 - Droneswarm test flight. Can it detect the big tarp?

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id: 51228
Well, we're back in the field with the scary robot
id: 51229
And the scary battery
id: 51230
Scott's not scared
id: 51231
Scott's just a little chilly
id: 51232
Justin's gonna finish this clove cigarette and then has to go study for his Calculus final at Clark
id: 51233
Jack and the drone consider each other
id: 51234
Team Droneswarm
id: 51235
Calibration dance
id: 51236
Stuck the landing! Sort of
id: 51237
After this I insisted on better safety procedures
id: 51238
The RC car that will hopefully be controlled via the drone relay
id: 51239
The drone is stealing a car!!
id: 51240
Just Scott out in the middle of a field with a laptop. Normal day
id: 51241
The target!
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