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05/12/18 - Visiting Mom at her new place in Portland!

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id: 51353
Obligatory airplane shot
id: 51354
Is this a military base?
id: 51355
id: 51356
What year is thiS?
id: 51357
Mom with the flowers
id: 51358
Mom quickly hid her glasses as she walked out there
id: 51359
This place sells pizza. "Pie" is not a reasonable name for a pizza!
id: 51360
Macaroni likes the sun
id: 51361
Mom's new living room!
id: 51362
"Wow, look at that package. It looks like a mailbomb. Oh it's for you!" turns out it was a birthday gift from Aunt Teresa
id: 51363
Living room table
id: 51364
id: 51365
Funny little table
id: 51366
The card I got Mom
id: 51367
Mom's attempt at hiding the ugly old phone port
id: 51368
I can still see it
id: 51369
Little chickens outside the apartment
id: 51370
Walking around Portland
id: 51371
Mysterious cable on a telephone pole
id: 51372
Looking down towards the water
id: 51373
Can you believe it?
id: 51374
Funny little shops
id: 51375
Continuing to wander
id: 51376
Weird little furniture store
id: 51377
Boats stop here
id: 51378
Nice bike path!
id: 51379
Narrow gauge (aka non-compliant!) railroad
id: 51380
Hi Mom!
id: 51381
Construction stuff
id: 51382
id: 51383
I guess a pier went here?
id: 51384
Bird resting spot
id: 51385
id: 51386
Statue by the water
id: 51387
Mom and the train
id: 51388
All sorts of random equipment
id: 51389
Going for a walk
id: 51390
Graffiti truck
id: 51391
This train was moving super slow
id: 51392
Looking out at the boats
id: 51393
id: 51394
Mom explains where we are on the map
id: 51395
id: 51396
Nice stairway
id: 51397
id: 51398
I like the funny giant digital clock
id: 51399
Birthday gifts!
id: 51400
It's.. squiggle squares!
id: 51401
And a weird knife!
id: 51402
id: 51403
Becky's having fun
id: 51404
Funny little lobster figure
id: 51405
Salt and pepper shakers!
id: 51406
This lobster looks really enthusiastic
id: 51407
Becky and Nick
id: 51408
Lobsters go in the pot
id: 51409
Funny towel from Becky
id: 51410
Hi Becky
id: 51411
id: 51412
id: 51413
More little knives!
id: 51414
Mom's cool exposed ceiling
id: 51415
Accidental Becky model shot
id: 51416
Ah yes, the beer tree
id: 51417
Maybe next time
id: 51418
Ordering oysters or something
id: 51419
id: 51420
id: 51421
Nick bibs up
id: 51422
id: 51423
Wandering past the bars
id: 51424
Time to go home!
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