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05/25/18 - Getting wings and hitting a carnival with Dan, David, Jack, and Moe

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id: 51425
What will David buy?
id: 51426
Dan needs to stay hydrated
id: 51427
Jack sat next to me so I didn't get any good photos of him
id: 51428
So much chicken
id: 51429
Hi Moe
id: 51430
Moe sticks it to David
id: 51431
David did not count on the wings being that hot
id: 51432
It was too dark to get a good photo but Dan parked in a giant puddle
id: 51433
id: 51434
David betting on robotic pigs
id: 51435
"You playing?"
id: 51436
Dan throws a dollar down
id: 51437
Flashy lights
id: 51438
Robot pigs assemble
id: 51439
And they're off!
id: 51440
We have a winner!
id: 51441
Dan won a pig!
id: 51442
Feel the energy
id: 51443
David tries another game
id: 51444
Lining up the shot
id: 51445
He did it!
id: 51446
Games are fun
id: 51447
Nice monkey thing
id: 51448
My turn to try a game
id: 51449
I popped a balloon!
id: 51450
I won this stupid corn thing
id: 51451
What next?
id: 51452
We'll never win these giant animals
id: 51453
We should've kept moving when we saw this sign
id: 51454
Can you throw a ball in the fishbowl?
id: 51455
We got a lot of ping pong balls
id: 51456
id: 51457
Dan hates this photo
id: 51458
It's surprisingly hard, even with this many ping pong balls
id: 51459
David seems incredulous
id: 51460
Caught a ball in midair
id: 51461
We got one!
id: 51462
David won a goldfish!
id: 51463
We ended up with three goldfish. It turned out David wasn't the best caretaker of the fish..
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