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06/02/18 - I start my first real international trip! Let's go to London!

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id: 51498
The international terminal at BWI
id: 51499
I've got my passport and I'm ready to go
id: 51500
id: 51501
Got my seat
id: 51502
It's London!
id: 51503
It's a pub!
id: 51504
Topaz is ready for a beer after a day of travel
id: 51505
Grabbing a drink at the pub with Uncle Stephen, Aunt Dani, and Topaz!
id: 51506
Uncle Stephen looks super excited
id: 51507
The staircase at Stephen and Dani's flat was pretty cool
id: 51508
Uncle Stephen playing a little guitar to wind down
id: 51509
I was impressed!
id: 51510
I should probably play more piano
id: 51511
Stephen and his guitar
id: 51512
Topaz enjoyed the music and chilled out
id: 51513
Aunt Dani waters the flowers
id: 51514
Playing some Celeste!
id: 51515
Nice quiet street
id: 51516
Is this even a street? An alley?
id: 51517
What do you call these, row houses?
id: 51518
Nice looking roads
id: 51519
Fancy building
id: 51520
Selfie in a selfie!
id: 51521
The cars are on the wrong side of the road!
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