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06/03/18 - Hitting the London Science Museum with Topaz

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id: 51522
Topaz is in charge of navigation cause his signal is better
id: 51523
Looks like London, I guess
id: 51524
We'll come back ehre for lunch
id: 51525
So many chimneys
id: 51526
id: 51527
Hey they have a replica of Goddard's rocket!
id: 51528
The business end of a Black Arrow rocket from the British space program
id: 51529
A V2 engine
id: 51530
I think this is an RL-10 engine
id: 51531
This is a pretty half-hearted recreation of the lunar space suit.
id: 51532
Gemini model!
id: 51533
The zero-g adapter for a coke can
id: 51534
Looking up at the LM door
id: 51535
Hey I know that plaque
id: 51536
Captain payload!
id: 51537
Nice LM. Seems a little small though
id: 51538
Neat, an ion engine
id: 51539
This mask was somehow used in an x-ray telescope
id: 51540
Meanwhile, at Tony's house..
id: 51541
Ugh, the worst picnic
id: 51542
id: 51543
Topaz's collection
id: 51544
Don't drill a hole in your head
id: 51545
Topaz with one of Babbage's difference engines!
id: 51546
Output comes from here?
id: 51547
Neat printer
id: 51548
id: 51549
This calculator must have blown people away at the time. It makes me excited to see what my devices look like in 30-40 years
id: 51550
I forget what this does. Some sort of calculator, I think
id: 51551
This is a neat room
id: 51552
Someone should've consulted with the PR department first
id: 51553
Cool clock
id: 51554
Imagine maintaining this..
id: 51555
Better than the alternative
id: 51556
Topaz was way into the computer displays
id: 51557
Stolen from Jeff's house?
id: 51558
Tons of little cards!
id: 51559
Mining bitcoin?
id: 51560
So many wires
id: 51561
I feel like this UI could be improved
id: 51562
id: 51563
Old timey math books
id: 51564
Big manifold on the ceiling
id: 51565
It's crazy how back in the day a lot of stuff had to be dedicated hardware
id: 51566
I love that this is in a museum
id: 51567
Holy crap it's a cybiko!!! I never could get these to work very well
id: 51568
An Apple Newton. I've never seen one in person
id: 51569
I think Omar uses this computer for Overwatch
id: 51570
This is Tim Berners-Lee's computer! He used it to create the World Wide Web! It's the first ever web server
id: 51571
More details about the WWW and Berners-Lee's computer
id: 51572
Such a humble little box
id: 51573
Every nerd who's set up a web server is familiar with this sticker
id: 51574
This keyboard created the web!
id: 51575
Topaz had to get a photo with it
id: 51576
One of the first ever computer mice
id: 51577
Product of the year!
id: 51578
The Altair! This is what Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started on before Apple
id: 51579
Vic's new AMV server
id: 51580
Autoproducts prototype
id: 51581
Giant error message, with Topaz for scale
id: 51582
Early GPS receiver
id: 51583
I didn't realize atomic clocks could be so small!
id: 51584
Some sort of earth observation spacecraft
id: 51585
Radial engine
id: 51586
Engine, APU, engine
id: 51587
747 slice!
id: 51588
It's tall
id: 51589
It's Charlie Brown! The Apollo 10 Command Module
id: 51590
Flown to the moon and back by Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan, and John Young
id: 51591
The recovery hardware
id: 51592
More shots of Charlie Brown
id: 51593
RCS thrusters
id: 51594
I think the parachutes come out of these tubes
id: 51595
Crunchy heat shield
id: 51596
Lots of holes were drilled for analysis
id: 51597
This heat shield has seen some things
id: 51598
Busting out the wide angle
id: 51599
I want to touch it!
id: 51600
One can never have enough photos of Apollo hardware
id: 51601
It's too bad they lose the shiny exterior during entry
id: 51602
Of course, I got my photo with it
id: 51603
Topaz helped take some other group photos
id: 51604
Peeking inside at the controls
id: 51605
I'm not sure who sat in the middle but this is his headrest
id: 51606
Bundles of wires
id: 51607
Hey cool, a Cray-1!
id: 51608
So many cables
id: 51609
So many rivets!
id: 51610
Hey remember Apollo 10?
id: 51611
This V2 wouldn't fit in the room
id: 51612
A model of BepiColombo, the ESA's upcoming Mercury mission
id: 51613
Watson and Crick's actual DNA model!! It's a shame the plaque didn't mention Rosalind Franklin..
id: 51614
Babbage's Differential Engine Number 1!
id: 51615
Closeup on Babbage's engine
id: 51616
Model of the Huygens probe that landed on Titan
id: 51617
Topaz got some silicon! Time to get to work on a CPU
id: 51618
Funky mirror
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