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06/03/18 - Wandering around London

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id: 51620
Hey I know that name
id: 51621
Elaborate windows
id: 51622
id: 51623
That's a good looking beer
id: 51624
id: 51625
Nice pub! The chairs could be better
id: 51626
Proper fish and chips in London
id: 51627
We are here
id: 51628
id: 51629
I've got to see that
id: 51630
Neat flower
id: 51631
Strange dog statue
id: 51632
This squirrel came right up to me!
id: 51633
Wandering around Kensington Gardens
id: 51634
A statue of Queen Victoria in front of the building where she was born
id: 51635
Everyone loves ducks!
id: 51636
Ducks! And baby ducks! Or geese or something, whatever
id: 51637
The physical energy statue. Neat
id: 51638
Dogs kept finding Topaz
id: 51639
He's got a ball
id: 51640
id: 51641
Well aren't you shiny
id: 51642
id: 51643
Elaborate statues
id: 51644
I've heard of Albert Hall!
id: 51645
Nice statues
id: 51646
Hey it's Albert
id: 51647
Shops and stuff
id: 51648
Back on that alley
id: 51649
Another pub
id: 51650
Want beer?
id: 51651
The outside of that pub
id: 51652
The pub pug??
id: 51653
Good place
id: 51654
Twilight in London
id: 51655
Traffic is backwards!
id: 51656
Think they'd give me a test drive?
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