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06/04/18 - Exploring the Tower of London

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id: 51657
I think this is the first pub we stayed at, the other day
id: 51658
British fire truck
id: 51659
Can you imagine working in this tiny little booth?
id: 51660
Heading down to the underground
id: 51661
Riding the Underground
id: 51662
Hey it's the Shard
id: 51663
I was grateful for these signs reminding people who aren't used to drive-on-the-left countries
id: 51664
Hey we made it!
id: 51665
It's the Tower of London!
id: 51666
And some sort of crazy glass egg!
id: 51667
Weird chairs
id: 51668
Those are some deep windows
id: 51669
Got my ticket
id: 51670
Slush Puppie!!
id: 51671
Don't worry, the stone lions are very slow
id: 51672
I think this is a moat
id: 51673
Well that's a tower, is the the towel?
id: 51674
This stuff is old
id: 51675
The Shard feels even more modern when in the Tower of London
id: 51676
Waiting for our tour
id: 51677
Topaz is ready for the tour to start
id: 51678
Our Yeoman tourguide was something else
id: 51679
Talking about the history of the tower
id: 51680
Our tour group
id: 51681
Piling in
id: 51682
"And if you look over there.. it's more really old stuff"
id: 51683
That's a lot of people per group
id: 51684
Crown Jewels, neat. Also, "way out" instead of "exit" is strange
id: 51685
Listening to our Beefeater guide
id: 51686
Don't hang out in Bloody Tower
id: 51687
Old rocks
id: 51688
Topaz is learning
id: 51689
Cool archways
id: 51690
Old crumbly walls
id: 51691
The White Tower. This apparently counted as a tower back in the day
id: 51692
Site of the old gate
id: 51693
Big raven
id: 51694
Lots of old buildings
id: 51695
I wasn't listening all that closely, but they may have said the Queen stayed or stays in one of these houses? I don't know. There are guards though
id: 51696
Big clock
id: 51697
Our guide liked to punctuate sentences with sudden unexpected yelling. It kept us on our toes
id: 51698
id: 51699
Modern guards
id: 51700
Fancy gun
id: 51701
This would fit in on a Minecraft server
id: 51702
It's that old crumbly wall again
id: 51703
Weird swoopy fence
id: 51704
The ravens!
id: 51705
Another angle on the White Tower
id: 51706
Old alley
id: 51707
Booooo, no photos allowed. I assume it's because they don't want people lingering but I can shoot and move!
id: 51708
Old land new
id: 51709
Looking out into the modern world
id: 51710
id: 51711
id: 51712
I probably should have written down who wore all this armor but whatever
id: 51713
Chunky dude
id: 51714
Lots of armor
id: 51715
Fancy gloves
id: 51716
I think it was the pole that killed him
id: 51717
This horse is FREAKING OUT
id: 51718
Can you imagine the pinches you'd get wearing this?
id: 51719
Saber from Fate would be a fan
id: 51720
Old timey books
id: 51721
The king's private church
id: 51722
I think this is that book from Gummi Bears
id: 51723
Oh no, sea ponies!
id: 51724
Topaz and the original blockchain
id: 51725
Old timey guns
id: 51726
This isn't even that old! It's just a fancy gun!
id: 51727
Narrow hallways
id: 51728
Scale model of the compound
id: 51729
Ye Olde Kinect
id: 51730
More old/new. That's a weird building
id: 51731
I think this was to represent people who were executed here?
id: 51732
id: 51733
I wonder how much longer this wall can last
id: 51734
Wandering around between the walls
id: 51735
I think these windows are set up to be able to shoot out of without getting shot
id: 51736
Inside the walls
id: 51737
A recreation of some king's bedroom
id: 51738
Narrow staircases
id: 51739
Big door
id: 51740
Fancy king
id: 51741
More fancy ceilings
id: 51742
I've heard dubious things about the structural integrity of this bridge
id: 51743
Wide angle shots are handy for getting a lot of the compound all at once
id: 51744
Don't use this on an iPad
id: 51745
Chess has been popular for a while
id: 51746
id: 51747
id: 51748
Well, tour's complete and we're back outisde!
id: 51749
Topaz and I had fun at the Tower of London!
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