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06/04/18 - More wandering around London

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id: 51750
She's stealing Big Ben!!!
id: 51751
London Bridge!
id: 51752
Black taxis
id: 51753
Another one of the pubs we checked out. This one had a lot of businessmen in it
id: 51754
James probably wants to live here
id: 51755
Lots of words
id: 51756
We made it! Don't falll down
id: 51757
Seems fine
id: 51758
Just another day in London
id: 51759
London's good for "old and new" shots
id: 51760
id: 51761
Old church
id: 51762
The spaces here are so strange! The buildings are so crowded!
id: 51763
Origin of the phrase "the Clink"
id: 51764
Cool lighting and street art
id: 51765
The latest in our pub crawl
id: 51766
Topaz got some expensive scotch
id: 51767
id: 51768
It's the Underground!
id: 51769
That gap I keep hearing about
id: 51770
Mel's sister is doing alright
id: 51771
What'd you call me?
id: 51772
The pub near Stephen and Dani's place. We stopped in here a few times
id: 51773
Inside the Drayton Arms
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