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06/05/18 - We check out the new and old sides of London. Cyberdog and ancient pubs

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id: 51774
Nice clean subway
id: 51775
Churchill looks like a real grump
id: 51776
British Parliament
id: 51777
Tall towers
id: 51778
Westminster Abbey
id: 51779
Hey Topaz, where are we?
id: 51780
Hey Cromwell, I know that guy
id: 51781
Is that an MP5? I have an airsoft version of one of those!
id: 51782
Intricate building
id: 51783
More of Westminster Abbey
id: 51784
Anti-Brexit protests
id: 51785
Richard Coeur de Lion. But I thought it was Monty Python's King Arthur at first
id: 51786
I wonder if anyone's ever tried to climb this
id: 51787
No nothing!
id: 51788
Nice shot of Parliament and Big Ben from the bridge
id: 51789
The London Eye
id: 51790
Big Ben looking good, even with the scaffolding
id: 51791
I love Mr. Pancake!
id: 51792
Tourist crap
id: 51793
Shrek's Adventure?
id: 51794
The London Eye is big
id: 51795
What happened to the old one?
id: 51796
This is an intense sculpture
id: 51797
Looking out over the Thames
id: 51798
How old is this camera?
id: 51799
Horse Guards??
id: 51800
This is a better ping pong table than we have at work
id: 51801
We were hoping that Cards Galore was a nerd shop but it's not
id: 51802
Mind your head and mind the gap
id: 51803
American Candy!
id: 51804
Cool graffiti
id: 51805
Bootleg NASA
id: 51806
Fun way to spend the afternoon
id: 51807
More cool building art
id: 51808
Camden Market
id: 51809
Seems to me like Times Square with a different accent
id: 51810
Looking down the street
id: 51811
The Cyberdog lobby
id: 51812
Heading downstairs
id: 51813
The music is exactly what you think it is
id: 51814
The Stables Market
id: 51815
Outside Cyberdog
id: 51816
This is a cool idea. Sort of inside, sort of outside
id: 51817
More tourist crap. But at least it's Japanese tourist crap
id: 51818
id: 51819
Holy crap, they meant it
id: 51820
Looking around the market
id: 51821
id: 51822
Nerd watches. Hunger games, Harry Potter..
id: 51823
These fancy donuts were not good
id: 51824
One of those classic double decker buses
id: 51825
Crypto ads on the underground
id: 51826
Going back up to the surface
id: 51827
Eww, gross
id: 51828
LEGO undergroudn?
id: 51829
Wow, full scale train car
id: 51830
Apparently you can only buy these here
id: 51831
The building is secretly made of LEGOs?
id: 51832
This doofus was taking photos with his iPad
id: 51833
This reminds me of Times Square
id: 51834
Wait, what?
id: 51835
No comment
id: 51836
Quiet little neighborhood
id: 51837
The Mayflower! This pub existed when the Mayflower left for the new world
id: 51838
See? You could see the Mayflower from its windows
id: 51839
It feels old in here
id: 51840
The Mayflower's bar
id: 51841
Old style ales
id: 51842
I'm really happy with how this shot came out. Right next to the back porch of The Mayflower
id: 51843
One more shot in The Mayflower on our way out
id: 51844
More historical information about The Mayflower
id: 51845
Outside The Mayflower
id: 51846
Topaz wouldn't get on this for a photo
id: 51847
Wait, what??
id: 51848
Thanks for the warning
id: 51849
Sounds like a party
id: 51850
Woogedy lines
id: 51851
I have never seen a sulphur hexafluoride warning sign before
id: 51852
Our last destination for today: The Prospect of Whitby
id: 51853
This was the oldest pub we could find in London. It was in business before the first permanent European settlements in North America
id: 51854
Inside The Prospect of Whitby
id: 51855
Ominous view out our window. People were actually hanged here back in the day
id: 51856
id: 51857
The view from our table
id: 51858
Topaz is really into this place
id: 51859
The Cyberdog bag seems out of place
id: 51860
The walls need some work
id: 51861
Our amazing dinner. Classic fish and chips and Guinness
id: 51862
Topaz talking to Kate
id: 51863
One more shot of the bar on the way out
id: 51864
The Prospect of Whitby!
id: 51865
Someone forgot to log in to the train
id: 51866
The entrance/exit to the subways
id: 51867
That's one hell of a gap to mind!
id: 51868
Cabling on the Underground wall
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