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06/06/18 - More wandering around London. Snacks and sushi

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id: 51869
Unwinding with a little FTL
id: 51870
That sounds expensive
id: 51871
Neat statue
id: 51872
You're going to have to be a little less obvious
id: 51873
These candy names are ridiculous
id: 51874
As are these
id: 51875
Some European candy
id: 51876
I love toffee! Percy Pig was alright
id: 51877
That's one way to generate business
id: 51878
They're gonna get the clamps!!
id: 51879
Percy Pig
id: 51880
What.. does that even mean?
id: 51881
I swung through the Science Museum again. Nice LM
id: 51882
The V2 is hilarious
id: 51883
Charlie Brown again! Apollo 10 was a cool mission
id: 51884
I found a moon rock!
id: 51885
And here it is
id: 51886
How is this difference than British dry cleaning?
id: 51887
Neat pumps
id: 51888
Aero was pretty good
id: 51889
Cool sake thing at Stephen and Dani's flat
id: 51890
I left this crane at the Drayton Arms
id: 51891
But we're nowhere near Chernobyl!
id: 51892
Inside the expensive sushi place
id: 51893
Topaz checks out the menu
id: 51894
I liked the seating pits. But I made sure to get one with a back
id: 51895
Topaz taking sneaky photos of the sushi chefs
id: 51896
I'm ready for sushi
id: 51897
Classy sake
id: 51898
Topaz likes sake
id: 51899
id: 51900
Sake is good
id: 51901
Now that is a sushi spread
id: 51902
Delicious. Pricey, but delicious
id: 51903
We ate too many of these camembert bread things
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